My Submissive Baby // Muke

My Submissive Baby // Muke

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Pepe By GalaxyCat10 Updated Sep 18, 2016

Michael is a lonely 15 year old submissive in need of a dominant. He's still in the clinic, waiting to be chosen. One day, his wish comes true. 

Luke Hemmings, a 20 year old CEO of a family run business is a dominant and now he needs a submissive. When he meets Michael, he knows he's the sub for him. 

(BSDM relationship <3)

::::: Cover made by Guacamolemuke:::::

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-piNkiTyDrInkity -piNkiTyDrInkity Jun 15, 2017
Okay but my mom didn't let me around knifes until last year lmao
SmolPrincessJassy SmolPrincessJassy Jul 14, 2017
I'm sorry but I only wear what I approve and I'm picky about what I where
SmolPrincessJassy SmolPrincessJassy Jul 14, 2017
Insomnia, slight depression, anxiety, bipolar, anger issues, panic attacks, and asthma
clarawheelerisme clarawheelerisme Dec 31, 2017
same. i'm a girl...and i check out a nice man ass every now and again.
DumpsterDiving101 DumpsterDiving101 Jan 16, 2017
he sounds so perfect I'm so turned on by his mental illnesses