Our Little Secret 《Kirito x Reader Lemon 》

Our Little Secret 《Kirito x Reader Lemon 》

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It's been 2 months since Y/N and Kirito have came back from SAO, but Y/N notices that Kirito seems alone...

And spends too much time with Asuna, who is still in a sleep coma, with the nerve gear on her head.

When Jealously gets the best of you, you show Kirito what it's like to have fun.

QueenOfGalaxies QueenOfGalaxies 3 days ago
Boi I'll make your dick into a vagina if you keep comparing me to Asuna. Smdh
ayyylawliet ayyylawliet Aug 01
So I was watching memes on my tv while reading until I heard 
                              "Well f uck me sideways and call me Mike"
JuminHan606 JuminHan606 Apr 26
I won't want this in real life everyone deserves better than this but since it's a book nevermind! :p
                              OKAY. *Grabs phone*
                              TOBY I'M GONNA NEED YOU TO KILL SOMEONE..
Man, now every time I watch a baseball game I'm going to think of this
ChenoaB17 ChenoaB17 Mar 29
Mention Asuna again and I will hand you and her over to Ren Okumara and the Hitachiin twins. You've been warned 👿