Stalker [h.s] - Wattys2016

Stalker [h.s] - Wattys2016

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K By idekPayne Updated Nov 23

His eyes where only ever on her. From the moment he set eyes on her, he was obsessed, fixated on her. 

Maybe he was intrigued at first by the way she attracted attention just by entering the room, or of how full of confidence she was. His attraction soon grew into obsession.

He knew that he wanted to be with her, hold her, care for her, but most of all, love her.


Oh don't mind him, he's just the guy who gave you a ride home and is now stalking you, but like I said. No worries 👌
It's creepy don't be like one of those girls in horror movies or lifetime movies
Pffft, you won't be saying that when she magically poofs -3-
Damn harry u sure stalk a whole bunch of girls i swear  ive read over 50 stories of you stalking some poor defenceless girl  and each one is different u must be hella rich to have a house for each one
elieliss elieliss Jul 13
I just read a book about harry being a stalker and the girl's name was Elana :l
I saw MAIA MITCHELL and I clicked so damn hard you have no idea im