Girl Who Escaped {Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire} [BEING EDITED]

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    UNDER EXTREME REVISION, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK: Chapters 19-21 have yet to be edited.
    Acacia (Ash) Ivory doesn't know who she is, nor where she came from. After being hidden for two years, she runs away from her adoptive home, she is discovered by none other than Albus Dumbledore. He takes her to hogwarts two months early and teaches her all she needs to know to be caught up with her age group. From being told her boyfriend will die, to the Triwaizard Tournament, Acacia is sucked into the not-so-normal consequences of being Harry Potter's friend. Throughout the year her divination teacher gives her outrageous predictions to her apparent not-so-bright future. After their first adventure, Ash returns to Hogwarts with Harry, Hermione, and Ron to continue to help them in all of their conquests. When the end nears, and Ash puts her life on the line, will her love and jealousy consume her, ultimately turning her to the dark side?
    Trelawney turned to me, "As for you, Darling... You will travel on a marvelous adventure that may end in great peril... You will fall in love, and have others fall for you... The one that is your significant other will die... You will try and move past his death, and find comfort in another..." I looked down at the dark tablecloth and sighed to myself. Love isn't a topic I am too fond of, "But, in the end your jealousy may consume you and send you to the dark side... I am afraid that your loyalty will be your biggest flaw..."
finally someone questions it! every story i've read like this and this happens, the girl is all like 'oh ofc its not like ur a stranger ill come w u!!!!!!!'
"Do you really think Dumbledore is that thick?"
                                    Me: "Yes..."
@MarvelTheAvengers that is actually the worst insult I have ever heard
I love how I'm pretty sure no one even had to think about it and these were the immediate answers xD
Acacia Ivory, or Ash Ivory...Wonderful names!!! And an awesome story as well :)
Wait, did he introduce himself? I need to go back and look. BrB