Ninjago // Texting

Ninjago // Texting

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Kylie By Kylie0321 Updated Oct 27, 2016

Cole: Hey Nya! I gotta new phone now

Nya: Uh how did u get my number...?

Cole: Jay

Nya: Figures.

Cole: So wats up?

Nya: Im leaving

Cole: Wat?

Nya: Bye!

Cole: Nya?

*no answer*

Cole: Crap.


Cole: Sup u still dating Kai


Cole: He dumped u?

Skylor: Crazy rite? One minute he was all coocoo over me, the next IM the one getting dumped!

Cole: Yup

Skylor: Jay?

Cole: WAT?!?!

Skylor: Wats wrong

Cole: Nothing. Its me! The blue ninja whos jokes are so funny! ...only to myself! Woo POSITIVE THINKING

Skylor: Hehe bye Cole


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