His Narnian Girl || Edmund x Reader

His Narnian Girl || Edmund x Reader

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Sequel of: The Narnian Girl (Edmund x Reader)

❝I love you more than a milliom years❞ - (YN)

When an immortal witch fights against the Telmarines with her love by her side. A choice is given to her, by the end of time.


And then Aslan comes and fixes everything. Happily ever after.
Well, that's grand, all destroyed, bummer, Edmund, you will her (me!!!)
Fine Ed, just sitting in a room with a dwarf and a badger and staring into space, while eating Turkish Delights. *starts crying* I miss you, you baka
I wonder what would happen if Hogwarts and Narnia combined...
I am doing fine, Ed. Just got a thousand cats, and I called my favorite Edmund. *Twitching*