Taming Mr. Bad Boy

Taming Mr. Bad Boy

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Ariel McDonald By ArielMcDonald Updated Jan 27

Chase growled. His body was tense and it didn't take a genius to tell that he was angry.

"I'm giving you one last warning to say please" I replied 

"Please." He sneered. 

The word sounded foreign coming  from his mouth and I tried my best to conceal my excitement. Holy Molly I got the bad boy to say please !  

"See you around !" I shouted in a sickly angelic voice 

He didn't respond. Instead he kicked over one of the chairs closest to him, grabbed his bag and left.

SeptiplierPhandom0 SeptiplierPhandom0 Sep 21, 2016
Is she saying that she'll end up liking a guy that looks like a dog? Lol wow sorry my head goes weird places😂😂
SapphireBlue19 SapphireBlue19 Dec 10, 2016
The character actually has curly hair! I'm so glad that I'm no longer alone int he world of books! I have curly hair and it's frustrating when I see people with straight hair have it in curls! Do they know how long it takes to straighten my hair?!!
SeptiplierPhandom0 SeptiplierPhandom0 Sep 21, 2016
My heart is actually aching but I know it's just going to get worse I can feel it.😢
IronFey123 IronFey123 Feb 18, 2016
They shall now be known as Rebecca, Britney, Falisha, Brade and Justice!!
SeptiplierPhandom0 SeptiplierPhandom0 Sep 21, 2016
That's so cute, they hold hands?..... what am I saying My subconscious is telling me to be on Chases side.... Dam you brain!
briannacorn_ briannacorn_ Sep 05, 2016
I can already tell my second male lead fever will be hella bad for this story