The Ballerina & The Bachelor [BWWM]

The Ballerina & The Bachelor [BWWM]

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Angel By Stars-vs-Chocolates Updated Nov 18, 2015

How far would you go to claim your birthright? Ask a total stranger to be your roommate? Alexis has no choice. He has to find the right woman, convince her to be his bride and marry her all in the space of one hundred days. After saving the life of the ravishing Dido Belle, he decides to try his luck.

Did Belle is talented a talented young black woman who has an affinity for Ballet. She has a predicament in the form of a two weeks notice of eviction. Dido is tackled to the ground by the gorgeous Greek bachelor, Alexis who saved her life. He asks her to be his roommate ... and that's not even the brunt of it. Alexis asks her to marry him. Dido has two choices either she go on with her homeless life or stay and be his roommate bride?

What would you do?

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hemelee hemelee Nov 08, 2017
So true a point i was confused, and which person was talking also a bit confusing, and is alexis the guys name?
abandoningsanity abandoningsanity Feb 17, 2016
How does he know she is smart? He knows nearly nothing about her. (sorry if I'm being harsh. I'm a creative writing major and I'm just trying to be constructive)
oneway-or-another oneway-or-another Jan 29, 2016
She's in her room in her house. How can Alexis appear out of nowhere and tackle her? Unless I'm missing something.
abandoningsanity abandoningsanity Feb 17, 2016
Yea I thought she was in the ballet studio And suddenly she's " tackled" and there's sunlight? This scene is lacking a transition
- - Feb 26, 2016
You bumped your head.. chill.. you're supposed to down play it girl
danie7151 danie7151 Mar 31, 2016
She sounds like she's trying to hard typical damsel in distress lol