Unexpected! ; taekook

Unexpected! ; taekook

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Madeleine 🌷 By -littlecherie Updated Sep 30

Jungkook has been the definition of a perfect son; perfect academic and co-curricular achievements, perfect manners, talented, dashing looks, obeys to every single thing his parents say. His parents couldn't ask for a better heir of the Jeon Company other than the 18-year old boy himself, knowing he listens well and can achieve great things for the company. So one day, they decided to take a turn in Jungkook's peaceful life when they arranged him in a marriage with the heir of the Kim Corporation, Kim Taehyung. What they didn't know is that not only they're changing Jungkook's whole life of being single to married but they're marrying him out to the only guy who managed to break his heart. 

But what can Jungkook do? It was all unexpected!


from kookiesncreamm to -littlecherie! HELLO IT'S ME COME AND READ UNEXPECTED! :)

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A lot of people asked why Jungkook didn't think of this gay marriage set up first and how his parents are setting him up with a dude but in my head, I thought of it as something normal like any other arranged marriage. #LoveWins :)
                              Lol I woke up at 2 am thinking it was 8 cos I looked at the longer hand by accident since I fell asleep at my grans bed, so I was all dressed and looked outside and was like oh...
Jungshook is me when the teacher like BAM(Bambam aye;ayeeeee~)here u go a test mother f*cker like bish???
plumjoonie plumjoonie Apr 05
i'm straight and christian but i live for the fics where gay is the norm
Taessmiles Taessmiles Nov 06, 2016
ayeeeeeeeeeee yea ma boi tae WOULD be a stuck up flirt....it's so...him