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Beastly #Wattys2015

Beastly #Wattys2015

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Ajanae Walker By AjanaeWalker Completed

Melanie P.O.V

I was out of snacks.

That was my problem at the moment. I ran out of snacks. Which meant I had to get up and go and get more. That was just way to much work to do but, I really wanted these snacks so I can finish my movie night.

Sighing I got up and put on my ratty old converse before grabbing my keys and walking out of the door. Breathing in the fresh summer air was the best. Being fresh out of high school and no friends whatsoever must have been some type of accomplishment.

Getting into my car I listened to music as I went to the local convenient store which sold all the snacks I need. Once I go there and parked my car I made my way in and sent a small smile to the guy at the counter. 

I mentally cursed myself when I saw he checking out my legs. Damn! I knew I should've at least put some jeans on before actually coming here. This guy was practically eye raping me. Not very comfortable for a girl like me. 

With having no friends also means I wasn't really good when...

fairday fairday Apr 23
This was always weird to me that people shiver when someone sexy calls them a pet name or what ever. I imgine them shivering really hard and sniffling as if they have a cold.
You got it wrong. It's actually cocoa butter with a hint of coconut oil
SociallySardonic SociallySardonic 6 days ago
BITCH WHAT IS YOU DOINNNNNNNN?! GO BACK AND GET THEM DAMN SNACKS wasting all that damn energy... those precious babies just sitting there when they could be n your tummy what in the hell....
I'd do some over dramatic turn like so in round quick point to myself then turn and look at him with that bitch what face😂😂
RubiVega1 RubiVega1 5 days ago
what a horrible way to start a story honestly like I would die if I ran out of snacks
When people ask me where my boyfriend is at without knowing I've been single since I came out the punani..