Welcome to Your New Life (Yandere? Vincent x Reader)

Welcome to Your New Life (Yandere? Vincent x Reader)

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Karter_Carson By Karter_Carson Updated 6 days ago

What will happen when you catch the eye the mysterious purple guy on accident?

Don't draw attention to yourself (Y/n). You need to be careful around him. XD

FNAF doesn't belong to me.
The characters used don't belong to me.
The story belongs to me.

ProxyNarrator6 ProxyNarrator6 Nov 30, 2016
Weird. I was hearing My chemical romance until I saw that. Hah
MakotoTachibana2 MakotoTachibana2 Dec 24, 2016
I laugh so hard at the I'm Smitty. Good job in the story I like it :)
Hey I still can't believe I got to see Kim kardashian
                              Pewdiepie: y-you saw Kim kardashian...? Y-you saw. Good for you... GOOD FOR YOOOOU
the guy i am using is tall, like when we grow more he probably will be 6ft or more, but right now i am taller than him, by like a inch or two
RavenDraven RavenDraven Dec 23, 2016