Portgas D. Ace x Reader : Frozen Heart

Portgas D. Ace x Reader : Frozen Heart

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Yvette By vanilla_yvette Updated May 21, 2017

" I'm gonna to melt that frozen heart of yours and make you say .... "

Those assuasive , soothing words kept replaying like a video in her mind .

" Say what ? " she asked coldly . " Hmmm ... That a secret ! " the mischievous young lad said , flashing a bright smile to a young girl .

That was 10 years ago .... 

Now , she have grown into a mature and elegant girl with a ( h/c) hair , dancing at her back as she walked . But , the frozen cold heart still remains ..

Until .. A certian person appeared in her life .

Will she found out who's the mischievous yet gentle lad who promise her ? Or her heart will forever be frozen with her coldness ?

Find out more reading this modern AU fanficion ! Enjoy ! ^^

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