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Sasaki/Kaneki Smutshots

Sasaki/Kaneki Smutshots

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ღ retired ღ By Ovaryacted Updated Aug 02, 2015

A collection of sexy smutshots of Sasaki/Kaneki!
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WE ARE NOT TAKING REQUESTS. We will be writing these whenever we feel like it. This is for the pleasure for the authors as well as the readers. Please enjoy reading these!

Okumura_Miku Okumura_Miku Jul 12, 2016
kysuna kysuna Mar 24, 2016
this was the greatest xReader smut chapter I've absolutely ever read. this deserves so many awards for so many different reasons. then again, i'm briefly mortified from the end where kaneki dIED
NinyaOtaku NinyaOtaku Feb 19
I was listening to the Miku and Gumi song while reading this, oh god it made it worse.
lynnekat lynnekat Mar 17, 2016
Dear god what did I just read XD
                              It was gr8 but what did I read XDD
Alieiu Alieiu Jul 01, 2016
Are you a dish rag 'cause you're so dirty right now-!
                              Like seriously, you stink. Take a shower-
- - Jan 04
Doesn't manga Sasaki make puns a lot cuz in a lot of fanfics he does I was wondering if he actually does or if people just have the craving for puns