That I Would Be Good

That I Would Be Good

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Kaila By Somethingtrue Completed

"I'm not okay!" I yelled at him. "Okay?! I'm not okay." My chest rose up and down as I breathed heavily. It had been years since I had a break down, and I wasn't going to have one right now.
"It's okay not to be okay," he whispered, walking closer to me. He caressed my cheek, trying to sooth me. 
I stared at him, pain filled my eyes. I was trying hard not to cry. I couldn't cry. That's not what I did. 
"It's okay to cry," he comforted. His eyes stared so hard into mine I felt like he was seeing into my soul.
"Crying shows weakness, and I'm not weak," I told him, swallowing hard.
"Sometimes crying is the strongest thing you can do. It just shows everyone else that you're just as human as they are."
And right then and there I started sobbing. I had lost all control of my emotions, I cried like I hadn't since I was little. All those times I didn't cry when I wanted to poured out now. The walls I spent so long building to make them unbreakable, broke. 

     Alana  finds a thick orange envelope in her mailbox one day. No return address, no stamp or postage mark and it's not even addressed to her. Someone had just dropped the letter off in her mailbox.  The only thing written on this envelope is "You might need this... or not." Alana takes it inside and begins to read the life story of a complete stranger. The life story of someone trying to find their place in this big scary world.

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suavesarah suavesarah Feb 12, 2017
I'm going to be rereading this book and asdfghjkl lemme tell you that it's probably the best book on Wattpad. It hit me hard in the feels and I never get the feels when I read.
unflowerings unflowerings Dec 01, 2014
interesting start :)
                              i wonder what you've got in stall for this
Suicidal_Therapy09 Suicidal_Therapy09 Jun 22, 2014
The starts amazing!! and really unique! Looking forward to reading more :)
CharityPonce CharityPonce Apr 22, 2014
It's really well written, already hooked. Can't wait to continue this, and beautiful cover!
Bloomability_ Bloomability_ Jan 12, 2014
It's really well written, already hooked. Can't wait to continue this, and beautiful cover!
The_Names_Reader The_Names_Reader Jan 09, 2014
I haven't even read this yet, but I just wanted to say this cover is perfection. I can't wait to see how wonderful this story will most likely be!