Fight Boys

Fight Boys

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Wolf By _wayward_ Updated Feb 25

"I hate you!" I cried. I knew my makeup was smeared all over my face but I didn't care. 

He chuckled shakily while entangling his finger through  his hair. "You hate me?" He asked still smiling. 
"You think I care?" He yelled getting closer. 

"Look at me" he declared while grabbing ahold of my wrists. I kept my head down attempting to look anywhere but him.

"Dammit Nina look at me!" He growled. I immediately looked up into his electric grey eyes. 

"Now tell me you hate me without looking away." He whispered. He looked defeated. Looked almost..hurt. I swallowed back my nerves and looked deep into his eyes. 

I Began but couldn't finish. Both of us lost in each others stare for I don't know how long. I knew he told me to tell him that I hated him but all I could think of was 'kiss him'.

Then Our lips met hungrily, us both breathing heavily as if we were both one breath. "I love you." I whispered between breathing and devouring his lips. 

"I love you so fucking much Noah."

It's just something about Bad Boys that drag in the good girls. But Noah was a different kind of bad and Nina had no idea that she was about to be entangled in one of the worst situations of her life all because of him.

5SecondsOfSquadGoals 5SecondsOfSquadGoals Sep 15, 2015
Oh my god please do another one I am so desperate to read more!!!!! You're such a good writer