Fight Boys

Fight Boys

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Wolf By _wayward_ Updated Feb 25, 2017

"I hate you!" I cried. I knew my makeup was smeared all over my face but I didn't care. 

He chuckled shakily while entangling his finger through  his hair. "You hate me?" He asked still smiling. 
"You think I care?" He yelled getting closer. 

"Look at me" he declared while grabbing ahold of my wrists. I kept my head down attempting to look anywhere but him.

"Dammit Nina look at me!" He growled. I immediately looked up into his electric grey eyes. 

"Now tell me you hate me without looking away." He whispered. He looked defeated. Looked almost..hurt. I swallowed back my nerves and looked deep into his eyes. 

I Began but couldn't finish. Both of us lost in each others stare for I don't know how long. I knew he told me to tell him that I hated him but all I could think of was 'kiss him'.

Then Our lips met hungrily, us both breathing heavily as if we were both one breath. "I love you." I whispered between breathing and devouring his lips. 

"I love you so fucking much Noah."

It's just something about Bad Boys that drag in the good girls. But Noah was a different kind of bad and Nina had no idea that she was about to be entangled in one of the worst situations of her life all because of him.

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5SecondsOfSquadGoals 5SecondsOfSquadGoals Sep 15, 2015
Oh my god please do another one I am so desperate to read more!!!!! You're such a good writer