Why Do You Love Me [ discontinued ]

Why Do You Love Me [ discontinued ]

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sydney1245 By sydney1245 Updated Jan 18, 2016

[ Jacksepticeye x reader ] You seem to have a pretty good life,  full of wonders and smiles.. You have the looks, the features, everything going for you. Or, maybe you don't. In fact, your life is a utter mess filled with abuse and confusion. But maybe, just maybe, a boy by the name of jack could your life forever

Warnings ; 
Terrible grammar
Written with no thought

Honestly I don't see how people enjoy this :/ 
It's a horribly written mess that I will probably never continue.

shook_ga shook_ga Aug 14, 2016
I would've stayed by that door and be like
                              'SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER!'
undojimin undojimin Mar 27, 2016
Hold up hold up hold up. Your telling me that first your a sorry excuse for a boyfriend now your kissing some random whore that you met DRUNK?!? LORD IF YOU END UP IN HELL TOMORROW YOU'LL KNOW WHY.
So I've already read this story and loved it but it's showing that I never voted and Idk why, so I'm gonna go and vote on every chapter because this was amazing.
pinkypupgirl pinkypupgirl Jun 16, 2016
That awkward moment when you can't see if your butt's dirty or naw and there are only your guy friends around
FabIzMyName FabIzMyName Jul 09, 2016
I wonder why some sun would make you happy because it's not like without it Earth wouldn't be on another star's (or stars') orbit and things wouldn't evolve to be different for the different kinds of stars.
MarkAndJackAreBae MarkAndJackAreBae Oct 06, 2016
Inside the apartment, into the bedroom and..... Wait? To soon?