Bubblegum bitch. ||L.s

Bubblegum bitch. ||L.s

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Alright. By tomlinslay Updated Feb 10

Louis dresses in girly things,Louis gives a lot of attitude, Louis gets what he wants.

Harry is older, Harry is mature, Harry is married to a woman he no longer loves.

Louis is Harry's assistant, Louis has bee working on getting Harry for a while, and he eventually does. Harry leaves his wife, but he cheats, he uses Louis. Will Harry actually fall in love with Louis like Louis is in love with him. Or will he continue to lie and use him...

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I'm so glad you guys noticed he had no pants. I read right through that and don't notice. 😂
Harry is TOTALLY straight guys! Right?... yeah, of course they are! I mean, it's not like the 💚💙 emojis have an actual purpose or are ever used by this fandom!
classic louis..real classic * shakes head*
                              lemme teach you how it goes.. *clears throat*
                              *walks over to door*
                              *opens door*
                              *does beyonce hair flip*
                              HELLLOOOOOO SEXYYYYYYY HOW YOU DOIN'