~♥Creepypasta scenario~♥

~♥Creepypasta scenario~♥

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Creepypasta Scenarios

Where you meet the pastas and see how it turns out with them

No negative comments or Don't read if you don't like it

Please enjoy

- - Apr 06
I literally read 'Jeff the Killer' then exited Wattpad and started a new fanfiction XD
-asked hulk to slam a chair off my head repeatedly- -hulk does it- now that that's done it means ' Your name ' right?? -passes out from bloodless-
Haven't you see the horror movies don't scream because no one is gonna rescue you
I know I sound like a complete Imbecile and I promise I'm not normally as stupid.... BUT WHAT THE CRAP DOES Y/N MEAN ?! Gawd...
Me: Jeff? 
                              Jeff: ?
                              Me: ur my Fav
                              Jeff: *slowly walks off*
                              Me: ♡ XD ♡
jennikifm jennikifm Jun 16
I feel bad for the lady that died ;_; and now I'm more scared of Toby...... And scared of Jeff. Could things get any worse?