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The Tale of the Dragonbloods | Wattys2017

The Tale of the Dragonbloods | Wattys2017

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Lauren Myrick By Shadow_Fyre Updated Jul 04

Terravain.  A world where magic is real and where dragons, wyverns, and much more used to roam.  Where Dragonbloods, hybrids of mortals and dragons, and Wyvernfolk, hybrids of mortals and wyverns live peacefully.  Where elvish peoples known as Duvain live off the land.  Until a kingdom by the name of Vurenth came to be.
  	Because of Vurenth, Dragonbloods, Wyvernfolk, and Duvain have been alienated from mortals.  And the mortals did nothing to stop it, for they too feared the wrath of Vurneth and its line of tyrant kings.
  	Audric Noctus Xiuhcoatl.  Prince of Vurenth and once of Slytherithe is one of the Dragonbloods.  A One-Eyed Dragonblood at that.  Something that has never been heard of until today.  However, because of Vurenth's death penalty for Dragonbloods, his identity stays hidden.  
  	Until he meets a Dragonblood like him, a One-Eyed, and his true mission is revealed.
  [Highest Rank: 437 in Fantasy]
  *Updates as chapters are completed. Usually going to be weekly or bimonthly*

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