Inside the Mafia

Inside the Mafia

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sofia By rebelex12345 Updated Feb 06

Shy, beautiful, and fragile Alexis Angel has turned 18 and moved out of his parents house to live on his own. When he starts living at his new home, he finds out he has a hot neighbor which is his landlord. But the landlord was more than a neighbor and a landlord to this apartment complex.

Sexy, ruthless, and dangerous James Aversano is the leader of the Italian mafia group and has taken over the police officers jobs to make the United States a amore safer environment and crime free thanks to his fearsome wrath. He lets the beautiful Alexis live at the apartment complex but what the boy didn't know it's the Italian mafia headquarters. And James will stop at nothing to make Alexis his lover.

In the end, if you cross the mafias of the world, you will pay the price.

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                              An i lik wat 😲 so ur mom not aloud to kik u out wen ur 14 an tell u not to count on her if i ever need some were to liv
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Yeah and it's supposed to be an apartment pffft seems more like a rich hotel then me
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I think I would pee in my pants if he tells my Dad or Mom! 😂
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