Pretending [boyxboy] [slash] [original and rewrite]

Pretending [boyxboy] [slash] [original and rewrite]

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If Luke could go back to the first day of fourth year, there are three pieces of advice he'd give himself:

1) wearing make up is the equivalent to carry a giant target board on your back; best avoided

2) falling in love with your extremely heterosexual best friend is highly inconvenient; avoid this scenario whenever possible

3) do not, under any circumstance, allow yourself to be talked into a pretend relationship with said best friend; avoid this proposition by any means necessary

[includes the original version as published in 2011, and an expanded rewrite published in 2016]

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AllLoveDylanandTyler AllLoveDylanandTyler Sep 27, 2017
I am from Scotland!!!! 🇬🇧 (they don’t have the Scottish flag in the emojis ☹️)
gotmixedfeelings_ gotmixedfeelings_ Nov 20, 2017
I'm fixin to tinker bell your ass in a sec honey you gonna float off into space
FujoshiGoat FujoshiGoat Oct 04, 2017
Is this just a coincidence or does the author watch supernatural?
humantreefrog humantreefrog Jul 24, 2017
Everyone else is like, "DEAN WINCHESTER?! SAM WHINCHESTER?!" And I'm just like, "oh."
Ok everyones freaking out about DEAN WINCHESTER but I read plays football but looks like a professional wrestler and my mind went DEAN AMBROSE. IM So sorry im a wrestling nerd ok bye
smile_stilinksi smile_stilinksi Dec 16, 2017
I just got major deja vu from a different story.... 
                              Kale..... Damn I see you've finally came back from the shadows of a never finished series