Save Me (Jeremy Gilbert)

Save Me (Jeremy Gilbert)

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Life as a vampire has it's perks. You get to travel the world, no need to worry about money, and of course, you are always looking hot. I mean come on, which sane person wouldn't want that in for their life...

Let's list the cons. You don't get to stay in the same place for your whole life (people think it's weird when you don't age), sunlight and vervain can be a bitch. But, most of all, you have to watch the humans grow old and have a family... Something each one of us vampires wish to have. 

Let me say though, when I was forced to go to Mystic High because two idiots I pretend to be related to thought people would think it would be weird if I didn't go to school, I was happy to not grow old. Because even if I could only have a short lived love life with a brown eyed boy, I least got to live.

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itS tYler and i actually read the woah in his voice im proud
My eyes are Hazel (Green and brown basically) but sometimes my eyes are more green
My eyes our brown mixed with a bit of red (which you can only really see in the dark). Sometimes my eyes turn a brown mixed with grey (weird mixer...right, but it looks nice)
Also I'm very I want a partner that is just makes relationships cuter....🤗
Chalant14 Chalant14 Oct 24, 2016
Uhhhh have you seen dylan o'brien , adelaide kane, camila cabello , Chrystal reed, zendeya,  danielle panabaker, grant gustan, cameron dallas, ariana grande, rihanna, Beyonce their eyes are fùcking amazing
AioraMush AioraMush Oct 11, 2016
There is nothing wrong with brown eyes people. Chill out. They're beautiful. You're beautiful. I have green eyes and they change from time to time... That's only because I'm biracial.