It Started As A Game...

It Started As A Game...

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Morgan Carter finally returns home for the summer after spening Three years in Spain for an exchange program in her school.  She was happy to be home until he brothers best friend shows up. 

Yes Josh Johnson. He grew up bullying her her whole life. And even though it is her brothers best friend, she planned on using her new body to play him at his own game.

Will Morgan finally get back at Josh for all the years he picked on her, or will it be a game gone wrong?

Wait is this the friend that cheated her with Carson!? Cause we never heard about her in the laddie story!? 🤔
I'm always tan. I could be inside for a month and still be tan. And I'm 0% Indian. I'm 100% American... huh... weird.
ZXAnimeGirl ZXAnimeGirl Aug 25, 2016
When all these ppl have their glo up and you're just there like 'puberty...'
ZXAnimeGirl ZXAnimeGirl Aug 25, 2016
Uhhh.....Ever heard of keep your hands to yourself? Last time I checked, you weren't Selena Gomez, just sayin
bkdolly21 bkdolly21 Nov 29, 2014
i literally just finished the good girl vs player series and i loved the and i just started this one and love that you put kass in it
misshope2002 misshope2002 Mar 24, 2014
I love ur writing. I just finished the series of good girl vs player and man that was good. Hopefully this book is just a good ( I reckon is is going go be) love your writing. Keep writing.