Orchids for Billie

Orchids for Billie

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Jennifer Hatt By JenniferHatt Updated Feb 11, 2013

From Orchids for Billie

Marechal Media Inc., 2011

 Author's Note: This is one of my favourite scenes: the conversation between Little Jack and his grandmother in her beloved greenhouse that sets him on his determined quest to grow a rare orchid. I hope you enjoy it.

 "You embark on a great project?" She raises an eyebrow.

Slowly, I nod. "But I wanted it to be from me," I stammer in defence of my secrecy.

"It will be from you." She reaches for the book. "Now, what is it you wish to grow?"

I flip to the page and point to the lady slipper orchid.

She regards the photograph carefully.

"A cypripedium," she murmurs thoughtfully. "Those are very challenging to grow from seed. In fact, that is something I have done here only once." She tips her head toward me.  "Very complicated, what is described here."

I shrug. "Isn't that what gardening is? Complicated?"

She lifts down a pot for my inspection. The hairy roots with no name. "Why not this instead?"

"No thank you." I shake my head f...

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