The Art of Getting Better | A Stydia AU (completed)

The Art of Getting Better | A Stydia AU (completed)

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Stiles Stilinski.
Depressed. Lonely. Tormented by his own mind. Torn up and blaming himself for the death of his best friend, Scott McCall.

Lydia Martin.
Suicidal. Has anxiety. Easily angered. Can't make a friend to save her life.

Stiles and Lydia meet in the parking lot of Target late at night when Lydia buys a book and hot tamales and Stiles takes another unsuccessful walk to clear his mind.
These two unlikely matches find their way back to happiness together, experience what it's like to live in a world where they don't hate themselves, learn to love, and know what it's like to not hate themselves. Even though the two seem like the best possible things that have ever happened to each other, they also become the worst possible things that happen to each other as their journey to happiness continues on.

(I'm planning for this to be pretty sad, so read at your own risk! Also, Jeff Davis and others from Teen Wolf came up with the characters so credit to them. Sadly, I am not a producer, creator, or writer of Teen Wolf. If I was then Stydia would be cannon right now.)

1-800-JEDI 1-800-JEDI Jan 11
I wish I could afford 8 books 😪 oh well Wattpad is better anyway
Ms_Lawley-Caylen Ms_Lawley-Caylen Sep 14, 2016
_TravellingThoughts_ _TravellingThoughts_ Sep 05, 2016
I love how you put things of what Dylan O'Brien does (playing drums) in a Stydia AU. Very original!
sourdae sourdae Jan 06
I love that book, I happen to write a book similar to it but instead of them in love, they are friends. not a sponsor lol
voidherondale voidherondale Dec 27, 2015
The thing about people in books dying, there is always people that are going to be sympathetic and talk about how much they loved the deceased person, just to get attention themselves. If bugs me so much, I could start ranting about it. I won't, don't worry.