The Second Choice | COMPLETED

The Second Choice | COMPLETED

26.7K Reads 513 Votes 19 Part Story
Hey, it's Val By valwritesdotcom Completed

What if Maxon chose Kriss? 

Characters from the amazing Kiera Cass.

All Rights Reserved.

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ilsa0502 ilsa0502 Jul 05, 2017
I don't really like Kriss....and Maxon... HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO AMERICA
                              *JUST AN EXPRESSION LOL*
rhysandsavocados rhysandsavocados Aug 10, 2017
do u ever wish you could jump into a book just stab a character, is that okay, can I stab Kriss, does this make me a psychopath.....
devin_quubes devin_quubes Sep 28, 2017
U love who? I’m pretty sure he’s talking bout America HE BETTER BE!!!! ( ik he’s not he’s talking bout Kris’s *mumbles under breath* stupid Maxon Daphney was right u don’t realize u love someone *cough cough* America *cough cough*)
Layla_rainacorn Layla_rainacorn Jan 05, 2017
When I read  this I was screaming noooooo but then I had to remind myself It wasn't he real story then I was ok...,somewhat.....not really
Call_Me_Mrs_Schreave Call_Me_Mrs_Schreave Mar 17, 2016
YOU ONLY LOVE AMERICA BC "your heart was only hers to break!!!" 😭😭😭😭😭
m8senpai m8senpai Jul 11, 2016
No way!! Maxerica forever!! Please tell me they end up together...