Blind(LevixEren)[Still in progress]

Blind(LevixEren)[Still in progress]

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(Levi x Eren, Yaoi)
(You have been Warned)

*Take Notice: Because of what happened in Eren's past life, he is no longer able to see, in his present self.*

When Levi gets lost in an unknown city, he finds himself wondering into the Red Light district. Finding that he would not be able to get home anytime soon, he decides to find a room to stay. But, all rooms comes with a prostitute. At last, Levi finds a room and let them pick as who will service him. They send him a boy, heard to be the most beautiful in the Red Light district, named Eren.

[A/N: Events never happened in the real anime. Creator of characters is Hajime Isayama, I only made this plot. Thank you.]

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Oh look. My feels are bleeding. That's OK, I didn't need my heart anyway.....*heart shrivels and dies*
Kite-Runner Kite-Runner Sep 24, 2016
No hate but I don't think Armin, Mikasa, or anybody from the anime really would do that
Every house is a harem and a brothel. Must have a lot of unwanted babies
glitterfair glitterfair May 11, 2016
Ya....who is this....
                              Eren is 
                              -brown hair
                              ( I don't feel like typing other stuff)
VersatileLevi VersatileLevi Aug 09, 2016
This must be the Ereri/Riren offspring. Yes. 
                              This is what I want.
Not even the least bit freaked out or disgusted by a town selling people