The Daughter Of Pureblood Kingdom

The Daughter Of Pureblood Kingdom

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Ahmad Saeed By ahmadsaeed17 Updated Sep 12

A teenage girl named Maryam was living her life just like a normal human, until the day when she was returning from her job while reading her favorite novel on supernatural.While she was on her way she saw vicious monsters fighting in front of her apartment.As soon as all of them acknowledged her presence they all stopped and started to stare at her,on the other hand Maryam was freaking out to see those creatures .Those creatures started to change the ones which looked like normal , their eyes started to change color and canines started to grow from there mouth,  the other ones got long fangs and they licked there lips by looking at her.After few minutes of staring each other one of them said,"My Queen".And just like that her whole life changed.

Hi this is my first novel in wattpad and i really want it to be perfect for you guys , So please 



And can someone please make me a cover for my novel.

47kgs is seriously under weight for someone who is 5"7 and I should know cos I'm that tall and the healthy weight range is 57kgs to 77kgs and I'm working towards that goal
Not to be rude but it's my first time to see an Arab boy in wattpad, but I totally support it
rhon671 rhon671 Aug 15
I'm kind of shock as she said birth mark but in sure it's a tattoo. Anyways, Queen status confirmed 😉 time for answers.
I dead at the fact that they just treated their “queen” like that ha
Of course both of you are right. It is not a big deal for us but it is for the 'TEENAGERS'.