Alpha Packs Beta

Alpha Packs Beta

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SparklyGorgon4 By SparklyGorgon4 Updated Jul 23, 2015

When Stiles woke up he was laying in what seemed like a valt of sorts, he bets its the alpha pack that have him. He could hear growls and voices from outside but couldn't make out what the people were saying. Stiles sat up and strained to hear what was going on.

"-is he here?!" A voice shouted "you already have us you don't need anyone else!" It was a females voice, and it seemed like they were talking about him.

A male voice answered this time,

"Hmm, yes i do not need anyone else as bait but, well my pack isn't exactly the smartest one in the world"

Stiles' eyes widened at what the voice could be implying, they want him in their pack? Why would they want to do that?

The deep males voice cleared his throat and spoke again "anyway, gotta cut this short guys, our guest has woke"

There was the sound of snarling and a door shuting and the snarling shut off. Footsteps could be heard walking towards where he was, the valt opened and the man that was standing there was not who he imagin...

bookahlove bookahlove Feb 22, 2016
Stiles is literally everything like you are me and I am you😂