The Bad Boy Type

The Bad Boy Type

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Wilt By WiltingRose1 Updated Jul 19

Ryse Nagi, a boy who has always been treated as trash, has now enrolled in Ouran Academy through an Arts and Music Scholarship. Thinking he could find a quiet place to vent some frustration, Ryse was sorely mistaken when he walked into Music Room 3.  

What will happen when a certain host gets closer to him then he wants? How about when the hosts find out his past? And *gasp* HE IS A SHE?!


Did anybody thought about Rock Lee when it said 'Mrs.Lee'? Yes...? No...? Just me...? Ok...
The name, because I don't know much Japanese and can't be bothered to learn, makes me think BlueDeath
Umm... Did chapter 1 get deleted or does it just go to chapter two?
My user name and one or two of my stories has a main character with that name
Why is he or she because I am totally confused about her/his gender
Band t-shirts as in EXO, BTS, GoT7, Big Bang? *wriggles eyebrows*