The Bad Boy Type

The Bad Boy Type

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Wilt By WiltingRose1 Updated Jul 19, 2016

Ryse Nagi, a boy who has always been treated as trash, has now enrolled in Ouran Academy through an Arts and Music Scholarship. Thinking he could find a quiet place to vent some frustration, Ryse was sorely mistaken when he walked into Music Room 3.  

What will happen when a certain host gets closer to him then he wants? How about when the hosts find out his past? And *gasp* HE IS A SHE?!


I am like that too... I physically don't tan, and I don't want orange skin, so I'm stuck like this...
Y U NO LOVE GUN! GUNS R AWESOME 🔫 -pew pew- *shoots a target* *deal with it shades go on my face* guns..
Wow if burning something is cleaning it I should have set my room on fire years ago
The 'people in general ' part was me all through school. I was anti-social.
FiveFaced5 FiveFaced5 Dec 17, 2016
Angela: Unclean unworthy unnecessary!!!
                              *Ash smacks angel with a frying pan*
                              Rose: Thank you! That thing was annoying me
                              Ash: I am just one hell of a sister. No need to thank me.
Don't u hat Tamaki bc that all he is. He's to happy annoying ignorant and  pretty sure he take drugs bc he seem high all the time