The Bad Boy Type

The Bad Boy Type

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Wilt By WiltingRose1 Updated Jul 19, 2016

Ryse Nagi, a boy who has always been treated as trash, has now enrolled in Ouran Academy through an Arts and Music Scholarship. Thinking he could find a quiet place to vent some frustration, Ryse was sorely mistaken when he walked into Music Room 3.  

What will happen when a certain host gets closer to him then he wants? How about when the hosts find out his past? And *gasp* HE IS A SHE?!


FiveFaced5 FiveFaced5 Dec 17, 2016
Angela: Unclean unworthy unnecessary!!!
                              *Ash smacks angel with a frying pan*
                              Rose: Thank you! That thing was annoying me
                              Ash: I am just one hell of a sister. No need to thank me.
UnstoppableKiller UnstoppableKiller Jul 14, 2016
Did anybody thought about Rock Lee when it said 'Mrs.Lee'? Yes...? No...? Just me...? Ok...
EnchantedUser EnchantedUser Nov 15, 2016
The name, because I don't know much Japanese and can't be bothered to learn, makes me think BlueDeath
ninja_sister ninja_sister Oct 04, 2016
Umm... Did chapter 1 get deleted or does it just go to chapter two?
RyseNightrayHel RyseNightrayHel Feb 29, 2016
My user name and one or two of my stories has a main character with that name
BlueOrange_Sweater BlueOrange_Sweater Jan 28, 2016
Why is he or she because I am totally confused about her/his gender