Something changed (Tom Riddle fanfic)

Something changed (Tom Riddle fanfic)

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Pip van Linde By Papillon98 Completed

No one is completely good and no one is only bad. Every dark person chose that way. It could have been because of bad upbringing, hunger for power or a failed love. 

Take Tom Riddle for example. He was a brilliant, charming, handsome young man, who always had been distant....different. His youth in Wool's orphanage was harsh and he was treated like a toy, a freak, an outcast, a monster. His good looks didn't save him there but only seemed to push him further away from the light.

But he did love, did feel the power of friendship. It was unusual for him to show affection but he was very much capable of it. But only to one person. A girl, which had casted a spell over his heart. Someone who was like him...different but special.

This is the story of how Tom Riddle changed and the fight of a young girl to keep him from turning into the one she feared.

~Started June 2015~
Completed February 8 2016~

(*disclaimer* all rights and characters go to J.K. Rowling except my own characters of course.)

When boys hug me they aren't thinking she's so thin. NO OOO. No ah. They be thinking: Damn this girl is thick.
strangerstime strangerstime Dec 04, 2016
Oh god I really don't wanna know what they're doing in her office
DominiqueDormiens DominiqueDormiens Dec 18, 2016
I'm imagining voldemort, with a little girl on his lap.. this ruined my urge to read further.
strangerstime strangerstime Dec 04, 2016
Please, please tell me they are not doing what I think they are doing😖😕
Kanachi108 Kanachi108 Mar 01
All I can see in the picture is a face that looks like a minecraft creeper.,,....
DominiqueDormiens DominiqueDormiens Dec 18, 2016
Destiny! She's the only able to feel him up when their hormones are flowing -whoesh