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Witnwisdom By witnwisdom Updated Jul 23, 2013

"Cory, why's your face like that?" Zaire looked over at her best friend and laughed. His eyebrows furrowed as he applied pressure onto the accelerator of the car.

"Zai, I'm hungry know when my belly starts grumbling it makes me angry."

She laughed again.

"But you're basically always angry Cory." That was what had always intrigued Zaire about Cory, he never smiled. Even when he laughed he never smiled. Sounds impossible but not with Cory. He always had this mean, tough expression along with a hard stance. To go with his intimidating image, Cory had a small tear drop tattoo on his face, just below his left cheek and a scar from a fight 2 years before caused by a blade which sat on the arch of his right eyebrow; causing hair to never grow there again. He'd gotten that scar defending Zaire, so it meant much more to her than it did to him, it was a constant reminder of the love he had for her. Cory was her world, she trusted him and she loved him. She knew him like no one else...

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-ayyylmaoo- -ayyylmaoo- Sep 13, 2015
Omg a Turk in a book must be my luckiest day I'm Turkish as well but full Turk
Janjan Janjan Feb 25, 2013
I love Cory and Zaire- I hope they can make it.
                              they both deserve happiness.
                              fiah my darling, I'm glad her a Rio are okay.
                              this chapter I loved every single character. looking forward to the next. Glad you uploaded lovely.x
shelanyka shelanyka Jul 16, 2012
The description of corey is one of my favroite parts... Iive ree read this story several times and you're really good:D currenytly reading it again to the latest chapter :)
nicksovo nicksovo Oct 09, 2011
fxckin amazing. sorry for swearing *hides face* you got an amazing talent girlll