Potent Potential

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SidneyArden By SidneyArden Updated 2 years ago
The future, 2400, is not the technology abundant world we imagined it. Flying cars and artificially intelligent robots aren’t given a second thought when you have to use every brain cell for survival.
    In 2409, Crimson Fog, one of the largest, strongest gangs, had some trouble with a group who believed themselves to be ‘gang resistance’. A small group of idiots who wanted the old ways back. After a few deaths and plenty of beatings, they surrendered. Two orphans were left with Crimson.
    The Crimson Orphan, Jax, sixteen in 2423, was raised to become one of the world’s best gunslingers. One of her greatest challenges was high school.
Keep up the good work waiting with bated breath for the next part :)
This sounds really good, I've always liked these kinds of stories and I think I'm going to love this one.
This is an amazing story. I adore the characters and have become very attached. I cant wait for more of the tale to be told.xoxoxoxo
I absolutely love this book! Its so captivating I read ten chapters in one night! I WANT MORE!
your work is really good so ive saved it in my library definitely going to be reading that before i go bed :) 
I love the almost postapolcalyptic set up to this, a really grand opening chapter and nicely written. Well worth a vote and i look forward to the remaining story.