ReaLIES || ExoShidae

ReaLIES || ExoShidae

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| ReaLies Series: First Installment |

Completed as of October 12, 2016

This is an Exo and SNSD fanfic story.

What is Real? What are LIES?

This story is all about love, friendship, betrayal. This girls called Girls Generation will find out what is the most important thing in life.

SNSD's Side:

Yoona: 'I punched the guy who stole my first kiss.'

Jessica: 'Sa mundo niya ay di ako nag-eexist.'

Taeyeon: 'I really never like him. Cause I love him.'

Tiffany: 'I love PINK.. But I love him more..'

Sooyoung: 'I'm a relationship with foods until he came.'

Hyoyeon: 'Pag inlove nakatulala. Pag broken hearted tulala pa rin? San hustisya?'

Yuri: 'Love is not a game that children play. Bumalik ata ako sa pagkabata.'

Sunny: 'I change for him. Tama lang bang gawin ko yun?'

Seohyun: 'Love is sacrifice. I'd give up everything for love.'

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