Will You Ever Notice?

Will You Ever Notice?

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My name is Kyle Broflovski, a freshman in South Park High.

Almost every classmate I had when I was in elementary, are still my classmates now.

And, I'll only tell this to you, that I, Kyle Broflovski, has a crush on, my super bestfriend, Stan Marsh.

I know. It's weird, but I couldn't help it.

How his icy blue eyes shimmer, how his smile brightens up my day, how his warm hands goes around my neck. I love everything about him.

This one time, I tripped and fell down, when we were playing. He came to me and helped me up with a warm smile of comfort. I was so happy.

But I never did told him about what I truly feel... should I? 

No... not yet, I'm not ready yet. But from all the years we've been together, and all the times we hung out, this is what I kept to myself.

I can't tell him...
"Hey Kyle!"

A familiar voice echoed into the hallways.

And a pair of icy blues orbs met mine.
"Oh, Hi Stan! What's up?"

I asked him, curiously smiling. And he smiled back, as I...

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He sounds hot now, I thought of Stan as a litttle inoccent boi
- - Apr 23
Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *raises hand*
                              Ah yes, umm... Wtf? Does Stan choke him or something? Or do you mean "how his warm ARMS around my neck??" Yanno, for a hug.. Unless they have some kinky secret relationship-
- - Apr 23
Aahh I think they mean when someone wraps some arm around someone's neck, you know, like a side hug?? I dunno
p-r-u-n-e p-r-u-n-e Jul 30
“Stan...” *fans self with hand* “not right now you silly goose.”
Same I had crush od my close friend... 
                              We are dating now (lesbiens :3)
This made me think of my boyfriend because he’ll randomly come up behind me and wrap his hands around my neck in the hallway, i hate him.