WANTED: Love of my Life

WANTED: Love of my Life

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Robert Thier By RobThier Completed

Angela's life pretty much sucked until she met Giacomo. Tall, dark and handsome, he would be everything she could wish for - if he weren't a penniless and homeless illegal Italian immigrant who happens to be four years her senior.

Or is he? Penniless and homeless, that is. The truth that slowly unravels seems to be far more sinister and bloody. Suffice it to say that Angela doesn't exactly look forward to meeting his family, especially his godfather...

Follow Angela on her journey as she struggles to find her place in a world beyond her wildest dreams - and nightmares.

witmonster witmonster Aug 22
It's weird coming from the S&S world isn't it? The 21 century is a weird one that's for sure 😹😹
Beautiful start am such a fan of your diverse pools of thoughts.
5 feet with a love for psycho killers and sexy scenes. I love Social Studies (especially history) but my favourite is English. Wanna become 'something big' but till now all I see is me working as a Starbucks barista, growing old with a cat and saggy boobs.
RaniaShayya RaniaShayya Aug 09
I'm a 13 ,5'6ft,who spends 24/7 reading psychology books (and articles ) and detective books ( with a splash of romance ) with dreams to become a lawyer and detective😂😂
Tehilareal Tehilareal Aug 24
I can't understand why this book has refused to totally download!
Ace180 Ace180 Aug 02
Wow, in comparison, I really am tall...
                              13 years old, 5'6...