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My heart raced rapidly as I ran through the bodies of people dancing around and having a great time, no one seemed to realise that I was scared and running for my life. 
Alexis smiled at me as I pushed passed her and opened the front door. 
More bodies rushed through the door with alcohol and food, as soon as the door way was clear I walked out and took a deep breath before walking home.
My heart sank as I realised I was further away from home then I thought.
'The walk will do me good' I told myself as I started to walk. 

My heart had slowed down as I got further and further away from the house, I turned my phone on and put on some music to calm my nerves, being scared of the dark wasn't easy.

The last road back into town was dark and abandoned, no cars drove by. Suddenly the music on my phone stopped and my phone battery began to die.
"No no!" I cried as I hit the back of my phone.
I sighed and put my phone into my jean pocket. 
A twig snapping forced me to look at my surrou...

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tearfulobsession tearfulobsession Dec 27, 2015
Everytime I hear the name Carson it reminds me of the (male) butler from Downton Abbey. :)
77katiecat4 77katiecat4 Nov 26, 2015
Ohmagad my besties name is Alexis but I call her Alex. Oh hi @11Polly4 I was just talking about u!
rope_bunny_emily rope_bunny_emily Aug 15, 2018
it's a good story but we don't know anything about the main character....other than they're probably a dude (based solely on the name)