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It Ended With A Ring(OHSHC Kyoya Ootori X OC)

It Ended With A Ring(OHSHC Kyoya Ootori X OC)

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orderless_ By orderless_ Updated Dec 20, 2016

Yakuro Murano is a new student at Ouran High, and the daughter of the owner of one of the biggest corporations in Japan. On her First day of school she has a very unique encounter.. The Host Club. Soon after running into them, Yakuro finds out that the man, the host she had been mesmerized by... Is Kyoya Ootori?! The man she's engaged to?!

AnikaKirkham AnikaKirkham Feb 27, 2016
The strong silent type? The boy Lolita type? The mischievous type? The cool type? The natural type? Or maybe someone like me?...
ProudOtaku2016 ProudOtaku2016 Sep 09, 2016
You should know a cross dresser when you see it!? You are one yourself?! (Except it's noticeable)
Janette_890 Janette_890 Aug 19, 2016
                              It sounds like my sister always trues to get Mr to wear a crop top she's like "wear this! It's gonna look cute!" And then I would just be staring at her turn out of no where I would slap her
symphony11 symphony11 Oct 29, 2016
My mom is like that.😂 and my sister's nickname for me is Double D's.
HahaFangirl101 HahaFangirl101 Dec 15, 2016
Flails arms around*
                              Awkward potatoes
                              *runs off randomly into sunset, running in different directions*
I'm lucky that my sister is a bookworm and my mom doesn't care about dressing me up