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Ice Cold Mate ✔️

Ice Cold Mate ✔️

10M Reads 332K Votes 59 Part Story
i s a b e l l a By X-nirvana-X Completed

Half of this book is honestly terrible and the other half is okay. Please understand that this WAS meant to be a short story but turned into like fifty chapters. 
"Say it!" He growled.
"Say what?" I whimpered.
"That you're mine."


Scarlett Cullen surely wasn't expecting this. All she wanted was a mate. She got one - Bryce Jackson. Bryce was cold. Scarlett was sweet. The exact opposites. Well, you know what they say - opposites attract. 

Reached #1 in werewolf 12-15-15

Started: June 8, 2015. Finished: December 19, 2015.

Cover:  X-nirvana-X
Please do not leave hate or copy this book. WARNING:THERE ARE A LOT OF MISTAKES. EDITING.

I hate it when the males go roar roar i am your mate and your superior roar roar you must submit to me roar you must have my pups and be submissive roar roar
That like me ever time I laugh at some one who tripped and then people look at me like really.
The_odd_child The_odd_child 3 days ago
Bruh how come her parents can last years together when I can't keep a pack of pencils for 3 days
GoldReaderw GoldReaderw 10 hours ago
All I see are Percy Jackson comments, I'm still confused on why she said "I'm The next Alpha" ??