La Pulga y El León | Cristessi

La Pulga y El León | Cristessi

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Mari By chasing_TW_gotzeus Updated Jul 02, 2016

(The Flea and the Lion)

Lionel Messi pictured a lot of things happening to him, many different places he could possibly move to. He never imagined he actually would.

He never saw himself being sold to rival Real Madrid. And he most certainly never saw himself fitting in there at all. 

Real Madrid is the one club that hates him, that would reject him the second he stepped onto the practice pitch, the second he slipped on that white jersey in the locker room full of strange faces who all somehow seek to get rid of him, ruin his career. He knew the Merengues would never accept him. Not the way his teammates back at Barcelona knew and loved him.

He knew he'd miss his Blaugrana. He knew he'd miss Neymar and Suárez, Iniesta and Xavi, Piqué and Busquets. The Catalan fans, the city, the atmosphere at Camp Nou. 

Yet somehow, despite missing all those things, he never realized he would grow to so deeply fall in love with his greatest rival even more- Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

A/N: Drawing on the cover done by detodores on tumblr-her Cristessi fan art is amazing.

AdaliaGotze AdaliaGotze Jul 23, 2016
Can someone translate this for me as well as what Iker says to Sergio
I_like_rain I_like_rain Jul 31, 2016
Cris please, be nice to Leo. We know that u can be such a brat if u want to, but be nice with poor Leo
xCrypticc xCrypticc Nov 17, 2016
Reading this makes me get shivers- even being a madridista...
                              Poor Messi X
I_like_rain I_like_rain Jul 31, 2016
I know that Leo wouldn't leave Barça, but only the imagine of it makes my heart bleed
American47 American47 Jul 17, 2015
I love the end the most if love of Leo snapped and Cristiano's reaction was amazing x
supernaturalandchill supernaturalandchill Jul 06, 2015
I know messi will never leave barça but just reading this chapter is making my heart hurt /.\