Dangerous Gentleman (COMPLETED)

Dangerous Gentleman (COMPLETED)

7.3M Reads 170K Votes 26 Part Story
C.C. By CeCeLib Completed

A GIRL dreams about a Bad boy who is gentle only to her.
A BOY dreams about a Girl who is naughty only to him.

He is my neighbor.

He is my childhood friend.

He's my first love.

Ten years later...

He is everything that I abhor.

He is dangerous.

He is a monster in disguise of a handsome gentleman.

I hated him for what he become, yet, my heart only yearns for him.

He possessed my body, mind, heart and soul.

And i'm scared ... scared of what will happen to me if i fell deeply in love with this Dangerous Gentleman.

But i cannot do anything, i'm already chained and tied on his deadly charm that i failed to resist.

I'm doomed.


  • bondage
  • dangerous
  • romance
Hahaha sya ba ang may ari ng bar hahaha hibang na ako sa novel ni cc
tambukikayy tambukikayy Nov 18, 2017
                              HINDI. KO. ALAM. NA. NAG. EEXIST. PALA SI. MR. X. 😱😱😱
                              Akala ko kasi napatay sya sa story ni Shun kasi dba masama sya don I mean sindikato churvavells sya don 🤔 pero anyways! Go sagow lets read this one!!!
ChristineLaberos6 ChristineLaberos6 Nov 27, 2017
Suggestion pls..magandang story pa sana..or author..wala nang mabasa ei..ty
iline2016 iline2016 Feb 17
Nka read nko sa ka calyx vargas....start nata 2/17/18 13:24 Godspeed.
Wow kala ko dko malalaman  cnu mr x  hay excited to read ahh kaka adik magbasa iwas homesick