The Perfect Girl For The Albino Girl

The Perfect Girl For The Albino Girl

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Leah Lafayette is 19 years old and is the youngest daughter of the two most powerful people in the country and in the world.  She's smart, shy, and is the nicest person you could meet. 

Samantha Langley is 25 years old and is a macro/micro economist working for one of the biggest company in the country. She's tough, serious, and never holds her tongue back. 

As these two people meet they both learn from each other and most importantly they learn what love feels like. Both experience ups and downs throughout their time being together especially when Samantha's past comes back to find her.


"Don't you dare lie to me Leah." She hissed at me which made me realize just how intimidating she really was.

"I should um pr-probably get going." I said nervously pointing to the door. I was about to reach for the door but she grabbed my arm again turning my body around and pushing me up against the wall.

I was just a bit more scared of her this time considering the fact that she had me up against the wall and was towering over me. Both of her hands held my arms down while her knee was in between my legs. I felt all kinds of things, things that I never felt before. My breathing was heavier, my back was slightly aching, my legs started to feel like jello, and the heat building between my legs was getting unbearable.

"Let's try this one more time shall we?" She smiled and kept a firm grip on me. "Why. Are. You. Avoiding. Me?" She said emphasizing every word. I'm totally fucked.

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chill19000 chill19000 Dec 10, 2017
Same with teaching babe. One wrong move can make or break those kids.
AinaHoneyBee AinaHoneyBee Jul 28, 2017
This was your first book? And here I am already intrigued.. hehe
watermela29 watermela29 Jun 29, 2017
I feel you girl, i have albinism too, and i can feel it when people stare
Me too sweetie. One decision can ruin everything! 😨
                              I prefer the money😆
Apsalo Apsalo Sep 15, 2017
I love the start already, I really feel so bad for leah's mom, who worked so hard yet has no children to leave it all too
terrababii terrababii Jul 18, 2016
She is too funny but them albinos be sexy. Not too many of them around but they are beautiful af to me!