The First Female {The Maze Runner/Newt FanFiction}

The First Female {The Maze Runner/Newt FanFiction}

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Forrest. That's the only thing she remembers, her name. She enters The Glade like everyone else, through the metal box. She just has typical black hair and brown eyes. If I was you, I very strongly suggest you don't mess with her. She's the rebellious, swearing, bad and tough girl but does have her sensitive side.  

She holds the name The First Female for that she is the first girl to be in the glade and the first female runner. She becomes best friends with Minho and Chuck but is frienemy with Newt for some reason. 6 months later a new Greenie comes along, Forrest starts to get senses that she has seen the guy before but can't remember. She questions him and anyone else to see if they know of course no answer. 

When it's Forrest turn to run the maze she ends up getting stung and sent to the maze at night. Will Forrest survive or end up like every shank who got stung? What will happening? 
I do not own The Maze Runner, this fanfic is based off the movie. The only thing I own is the character Forrest. Also I'm rewriting this story so if you don't understand what's going on, there's your answer. Another thing! This is going to be in the eyes of Forrest all the way, I might end up changing it to someone else's point of view once in a while.

BuzzKillz BuzzKillz Jun 08
Ha! Ya should stop beating yourself.... ha... ha... ya get it.... no? Yes? You don't care. Okay👌🏽
tyumyvonne tyumyvonne May 14, 2016
Ok, when I first look at the characters I just realize that Mackenzie Foy is Forrest, I mean she is pretty and smart. And I think she is a good match for Newt...😊😊
PassTheButterBeer PassTheButterBeer Jul 29, 2016
So casual when  he just hurt you so badly.. I would of slapped him. Might just be my anger issues kicking in tho
shawnsmoon shawnsmoon Dec 05, 2016
I'm I the only who imagined this as jack gilinsky's voice from that
-TheMikasaAckerman- -TheMikasaAckerman- Dec 13, 2016
I thought the exact same thing me and my sister nearly died of laughter