The First Female {The Maze Runner/Newt FanFiction}

The First Female {The Maze Runner/Newt FanFiction}

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Forrest. That's the only thing she remembers, her name. She enters The Glade like everyone else, through the metal box. She just has typical black hair and brown eyes. If I was you, I very strongly suggest you don't mess with her. She's may look like a Jane Doe, but don't mess with her. One bad move with her, you're screwed. 

Now the brunette has gotten used the Glade, but a hatred has now grown within her. At least she has some friends with her. Except her and Newt are closer then normal friends. 

A new greenie comes into the Glade as usual, but things start changing. To the point where Forrest gets hurt and been forced to run into the maze at night. Then at that moment, everything is thrown onto her shoulders. How would she react, especially been known to be a little bit of an angry ball of fire.

I do not own The Maze Runner, this fanfic is based off the movie. The only thing I own is the character Forrest. Also I'm rewriting this story so if you don't understand what's going on, there's your answer. Another thing! This is going to be in the eyes of Forrest all the way, I might end up changing it to someone else's point of view once in a while.

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TheRealTBSFan TheRealTBSFan Sep 19, 2017
she should of bit his hand when they were taking her back lol
dutchlatingirl dutchlatingirl Oct 15, 2017
Uhm the story line isn't right if Forrest comes into the glade and chuck is there too, that would mean there would be one month left for thomas to come and not 8 months¿¿
tyumyvonne tyumyvonne May 14, 2016
Ok, when I first look at the characters I just realize that Mackenzie Foy is Forrest, I mean she is pretty and smart. And I think she is a good match for Newt...😊😊