Lightwood High (Solangelo/Willco)

Lightwood High (Solangelo/Willco)

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Bookworm_Yaoi_is_Life By WritingForYaoi Updated Jun 23, 2017

This will be the demigods as mortals in the real world. It will be similar to how the books play out but it is also much different so if you don't like people doing stuff like this I advise you not to read this. 

I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS AND I DO NOT OWN THE COVER I'M SORRY IF ITS YOUR PICTURE I'M USING FOR THIS COVER! So, this story will be mostly from point of views of the characters, I hope you enjoy.

Heh, just slow slow updates, love you guys!!! Thanks for all the reads, votes, and comments! You guys are great!

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MoamOmotade MoamOmotade Dec 24, 2017
Will sounds like a Disney princess, now all we need is the tiara we all know he deserves.
MoamOmotade MoamOmotade Dec 24, 2017
 #🎤As a child you would wait and watch the world go away
                              But you always knew you'd be the one to work while they all played. In youth, you'd lay awake at night and scheme
                              [06/11, 14:59] Moyinoluwa👑: Of all the things that you would change but it was just a dream....
MoamOmotade MoamOmotade Dec 24, 2017
Am I the only one reading this and being like: 
                              Ew, affection
MoamOmotade MoamOmotade Dec 24, 2017
First of all may I just point out that my heart rate legit sped up at the Solangelo moment.
BandAnimeTrash0 BandAnimeTrash0 5 days ago
Ohhh so in this one will is friends with themins before neeks
MoamOmotade MoamOmotade Dec 24, 2017
We must accept that Nico USED to like Percy, Solangelo wouldn't be the same without Will being Nico's type