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Delilah_Nighte By Delilah_Nighte Completed

As a 12 yr. old, Annabel Willams witnessed her family being slaughered by the very demons imagined only in one's worse nightmares. 

She now finds herself four years later, still being hunted down. As she bunkers down for the night at a long-abandoned Belk shopping center, she comes acros an old friend from her past.

Gabriel Martin has been in love with Annabel since he first started dating her as a 13 yr. old. When Annabel's mother, father, and little sister are brutily murdered by what the rest of the human world believes is a 'freak accident', everyone writes off his missing girlfriend as dead, but Gabe doesn't buy it. Deep down he knows she's out there somewhere, alive, and probably needing help.

Now as the two find eachother once again after four long years apart, they savor the moment, knowing it wont last. How will Annabel's long, agonizing journy end? Will Gabriel remain at her side through it all? Or will the demons from sombody's wildest nightmares finaly succeed in their hunt for blood? Find out in this horrifing twist of events.