Things Happen, Dean [Wincest]

Things Happen, Dean [Wincest]

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Gaybriel By TenebyCat Completed

Life can get rought, hard and has many paths we have to choose. 

And Sam Winchester is standing between two paths.

Be a normal brother, having normal life, as normal as it gets for a hunter..


Tell his brother he loves him way more then he should. To be more wierd. 

This is his path to choose.

~Points of Samifer, Sastiel~

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I ship wincest because of the bond they have and the fact they would do anything for each other
okay tbh I ship Lucifer in Sam's body with Dean? Idk but a dominant San makes me very happy
Well tonne honest I used to ship Dean and Jo but that kinda blew up in everyone's face
Actually I ship sabriel, destiel and michifer(they're brothers too so...).. I don't ship wincest that much , but it's still kindaaa cute but idk
RayValiant RayValiant Nov 27
I humbly welcome you to the Wincest with a congratulatory 😘
Welcome to the dark side Lucifer approves of this we have cookies and pie