Levi X Reader

Levi X Reader

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___________________________Your POV_________________________

The sunlight streams in through the trees, and shining down onto your face. You moan in protest trying to force yourself to go back to sleep. But, the sound of you growling stomach forces you awake.

"Dammit, looks like I have to go hunting again." You mumble as you stretch, getting up from your napping place.

________________________3rd Person POV________________________

Levi's squad are out in the forest for some hunting.

"Tch, I don't see why we have to go hunting." Auruo complains mimicking Levi's attitude.

"Stop complaining already, its good to go hunting once in a while." Petra says.

"Tch." Was all the reply Petra got from him.

Eld was in the front of the group trying to ignore the bickering.

"You two are going to scare away all the animals with all your bickering." Gunther snapped.

Suddenly, a deer had appeared in front of them it was severely wounded, and that's when they saw something they had never expected...

tlimbaga tlimbaga May 14
moan!?wtf do i moan!?wtf!?unless this is one of the boys in my class then that makes total sence cause he always moan and make stuff InApPrOprIaTe!
Silly_kylee Silly_kylee Apr 23
YAAASSS YAAASSS YAAASSS!!! I GOT TWO FREE TACOS!! 😂 no but seriously holy crap that is huge!! Btw is the wolf form on all four legs or just the hind legs?
tlimbaga tlimbaga May 14
why am i thinking that hunting is hunting for human if ure a ghoul in tokyo ghoul!?i should rlly remember if u hear hunting to not always remember tokyo ghoul...and ayato kirishima..
shanyeolli shanyeolli May 04
the capes of the survey corps’ so fuckin short though, not to mention it has a slit. guess im gon and show my flower to them
Levi? Really? Wow. I would have bowed down to godamn GalaxyGoats rather than him 😂😂
                              Bįtch please.