The Time Traveller's Heart

The Time Traveller's Heart

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Rebekah M. By Aphrodite270 Updated Jun 14, 2017

Magic only happens in books. It only happens in movies. Wrong.

Hannah McCracken never believed in magic, until she found a book that allowed her to travel to different time periods. The book took her back to her world when it decided, and not when she decided. The time period it chooses, is the only one that can be visited.

Camden McConnell is a Scottish Warrior who treasures his pride, strength, and clan above all else. Anything that gets in his way is quickly removed, until he meets Hannah. He can't figure her out for everywhere she goes mystery surrounds her. Anytime he tries to get close, she disappears into thin air.

Is there anyway that Hannah can alter the magic that is within the book? Will Camden turn away if he finds out the truth or stay?

Cover done by @onederstruck-

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meredooth meredooth May 24, 2017
It's so mysterious, and it makes me so interested in the book! This is what I love about great beginnings, it makes you so interested in what you're about to read!
BlueLovesWriting BlueLovesWriting Jul 26, 2017
Wow ! I've only read the first chapter and I love this story already! It's super suspenseful and an amazing concept !
E_Small E_Small Aug 27, 2017
This looks very interesting! I can't wait to start reading and discover more about this world. The writing, while I'm not much of a fan of Old English (I'm guessing that's what it is here), it made this book even more interesting!
Tsusuda Tsusuda Mar 17, 2017
This.. Is so mysterious.. And beautiful.. *wipes tears* It makes me wanna read more.. I LOVE MAGIC! You're so good at writing mysteris and spells and notes and everything!!! *0*
alexisbackup alexisbackup Jun 04, 2018
I have a feeling this book is going to be so exciting! This chapter already made me super curious! ❤
onederstruck- onederstruck- Apr 17, 2018
Hey, just letting you know that your summary still says that my cover you're using is made by MayTijssen. Which btw I can't believe you're still using it ahh. I would love to make you a new one if you wanted!