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Percy Jackson and the Dark Lord

Percy Jackson and the Dark Lord

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Maria Beasley By MariaBeasley2 Updated Feb 28

Percy thought his life was going to be normal for a change after the Giant War . . . or as normal as demigod's life could get. It wasn't till his mother disappeared that he truly realized how messed up his family truly was. Going to Hogwarts was the last thing he wanted to do, but Nico and Annabeth thought it was safest. Never in a million years had he thought his mother could be related to such a psychopath. And to top it all off his name mysteriously appeared in the Goblet of Fire. Wars he could handle - piece of cake! Another evil grandfather out to get him . . . now that was stretching his patience too far.

It's a perfectly valid thought Annie. Who took her the last time she was kidnapped? 
                              And saying it's not the gods because it's a psychopath doesn't mean anything Annabeth, cause the gods are psychopaths themselves
Not true. The government, teachers, doctors etc also know it.
I thought it was Laurie??? Or am I thinking of a different fanfic
Nicoforlife Nicoforlife Jun 13, 2016
Percy is valdomorts grandson hey anybody read sperit anamals say yes and I tell you something
England_From_Hetalia England_From_Hetalia Jun 08, 2016
But... if he were thrown into the River Styx, wouldn't that make him invulnerable?
- - Nov 21, 2015
When Paul said that it reminded me of when Arthur we asked said the same thing in the 4th harry potter book