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»Indieflower« By ashji_15 Updated Apr 02

When a she-wolf turns 16 or 17 she has the chance of a male wolf choosing her as his mate. But the moon goddess has to approve of this couple before they live their lives together.

When two neighboring packs become one because of an arranged marriage. They will have twice as many boys and girls at the ceremony this year.

Lyla was not chosen her first year and no male has shown interest in her since. She is bullied for being different. Although she doesn't care she has a feeling that because of this new pack arrangement she is in for a lot of things to come and surprise her

(Sorry if description is bad)
(Chapters get longer later on in the story)

famouslyrejected famouslyrejected Oct 18, 2016
I hate people like that smhhh. People who are so weak minded and conform to what society feels is right smhh. If that was your "friend" you should've stuck by her idc how much of a "joke" she seems to the pack.
JenniferGoldie JenniferGoldie Nov 17, 2016
                              5th mistake I've seen its driving me crazy not to correct